5 Reasons For Using Wooden Cutting Boards - What Are The Odds

5 Reasons For Using Wooden Cutting Boards

A friend of mine was telling me the other day how she loves her plastic cutting boards because they are so much more sanitary and easier to maintain. We were in my kitchen when she asked me why I only had wooden cutting boards. “What’s the advantage to wood?” she asked. “Well, I said, I can give you 5 good reasons I use wooden cutting boards exclusively:


A well made end grain cutting board adds a beauty to your kitchen that a plastic boards never can. I keep my large maple end grain board out on the counter all of the time, not only for convenience, but because I like to see the beauty of the natural grain. Everyone who comes into my kitchen says “Nice cutting board” without fail. And if you want something more unique than a plain wood board, they come in variety of colors, such as, white, wood or black. A black wood board would really stand out in a kitchen as well, don’t you think? Plastic boards get used and put away immediately. Who wants to looks at some stained, scarred piece of plastic?

Wood Cutting Boards Are More Sanitary

That’s right. Believe it or not, wooden boards are more sanitary than plastic. The reason is that a wooden board will allow bacteria to be absorbed into the wood not allowing contact with what’s on the surface. A plastic board is non-porous so the bacteria just stay on the surface and multiply until cleaned off. This is especially true of older plastic boards that have lots of knife marks which act as hiding places for bacteria.

5 Reasons For Using Wooden Cutting Boards - What Are The Odds

Wood Is Easier On Your Knives

Plastic is hard and will dull your knives much faster than a wooden board. If you have an end grain cutting board, when you strike your knife on the surface the wood fibers actually separate and close up again. This causes less stress on both the board and your knife.

Wooden Boards Last Longer

A well maintained wooden cutting board can last for decades, even after heavy use. If you find that your wooden cutting board is looking a little worn, you can simply sand it down a little, and it will look brand new. (Don’t try this with a plastic board!)

Wood Is The Greener Choice

Wooden boards are often made from off cuts of a milling operation. This means they are essentially being made from a waste product and being put to good use. Because wood boards last longer than plastic, by using a wood board you are keeping a petroleum product out of the waste stream. And I don’t know about you, but I would rather ingest a small amount of wood fiber than a piece of plastic any day.

Let’s not forget that people have been using wooden cutting boards for hundreds of years, and they have worked just fine. Why replace them with an inferior material?

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