Prior Art Search

What is Prior Art?

Prior Art refers to the entire body of publicly available information that can potentially invalidate a patent showing that its ideas were known before a particular date. It is evidence that can show that an invention described in the claims of a patent existed before a date of interest. Under U.S. law, this can be the filing date or the date of invention.

Why are Prior Art Dates important?

For prior art to invalidate a U.S. Patent, the information should predate the earliest filed information by at least one year. This is why each Patent Study includes a “Latest Date for Prior Art.” Please Note: If your reference was published within one year before the earliest U.S. filing date, it may still be relevant, so please send it in. There are patent agencies, such as InventHelp, to help you out. You can learn more about InventHelp from InventHelp reviews.

What is the difference between the patent’s “Filing Date” and the “Latest Date for Prior Art?”

“Filing Date” refers to the date when the patent application was filed in the patent office. “Latest Date for Prior Art” refers to the last date of publication that will be accepted for a reference in a Study. For example, if the latest date for prior art is 01/01/2000, then the reference you’re submitting for the Study must have been published or made public as of that date.

What is Non-Patent Literature?

Non-Patent Literature is any document that is not a patent. This term often describes the portions of a patent search that review websites, technical journals, databases, textbooks, magazines, etc. Because this literature is not often searchable through modern databases, it can be very valuable in prior art searching. InventHelp could be of great help in this step. Learn why new inventors turn to InventHelp.

What are the different types of prior art search?

Sometimes there are specifications as to the type of search that Article One requires. In efforts to better focus your research, please read the following descriptions:

Invalidity Study – Depending on the client’s needs, some patent studies will be conducted to find prior art that will serve to invalidate a patent. If the prior art, either by itself or in combination with other references, describes or “teaches” the subject patent, and is dated prior to the patent’s date of invention, then the prior art can be deemed to be invalidating. This means that it is deemed to constitute evidence of patent invalidity by a court or adjudicative body, such as the U.S. Patent Office.

State of Art Study – Sometimes a client is curious to see if a new technology is innovative. For this type of study, Prior Art needs to be submitted based on the existence, or lack, of similar technology.

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Dog Name Meaning

Choosing a dog name is a serious step you have to make after careful consideration, if you want both your dog and you live with this name happily and love it. There are endless lists of dog names on Internet and in books. But before you find you give a name for your dog, no matter whether it’s a male dog name or female dog name, make sure that you know its meaning and origin.

Remember that people will judge your dog according to its name as well as you and your attitude and relations with your pet.

Dog names are very different, there are popular dog names, cool dog names, unique dog names and baby dog names. No matter which of these categories you will choose remember to check the meanings of dog names.

Nowadays as well as before coat color and appearance play decisive role in choosing dog name. Here are some examples of such dog names: boy dog names of Irish origin – Rory (red king) or Kerry (dark) or girl dog name of Italian origin – Bianca (white) or Adrienne (French origin) – means dark. For spotty dogs the 101 Dalmatians names would be perfect as you can see from this complete list of 101 Dalmatians dog names.

You can also choose a name which will reflect some occasion, for example, Cupid is a good name for a dog if it was given you as a present on Valentine’s day. Such dog names can have an important symbolic meaning for you and for your dog.

In case you have a dog first time in your life such boy dog names as Cyrus (the person who founded the Persian Empire) or Adam will be quite right for your pet.

Dog name meaning can also reflect an occupation in which your pet is supposed to be involved, dog’s personality, behavior and finally your attitude to your pet.

Remember that dog name meaning should not be negative, aggressive or offensive even if it seems funny. Do not ever underestimate dogs ability to feel and understand humans.

In conclusion it’s necessary to say that dog name meaning can play fateful role in your dog’s life.

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How to Fight Alcohol Addiction?

The first thing that you need to do if you want to fight alcohol addiction is to admit that you have a problem. There is no way that you are going to get better if you don’t believe that there is a problem, so facing up to your addiction is the first step. Of course, facing the problem isn’t enough to solve it, you will have to make a commitment to stop drinking. Nobody can force you to stop drinking and nobody can do it for you, they can help but ultimately you will need to commit to beating your alcohol addiction.

Detox Center vgsnhj

Once you have committed to stop drinking the next step is to determine how you are going to do it. Most people in Connecticut try to quit drinking on their own but this rarely works, most people need help to beat an addiction. There are various places you can look for help in beating your alcohol addiction. The best place to start is usually with your doctor, he can offer lots of advice as well as refer you to the appropriate help you need. There is a good chance that you health insurance will cover addiction recovery, the insurance company can also refer you to the help that you need. Another source of help may be your employer, many companies nowadays offer services to help employees deal with addictions.

There are generally three kinds of help available for dealing with alcohol addiction, the appropriate one will depend on how serious your problem is. The first is peer group counselling, this consists of meeting with other alcoholics in order to discuss problems and offer each other support. The next level is outpatient rehab, this is a formal program usually supervised by a doctor. You will receive counselling as well as medical care in order to help you beat your addiction. In serious cases it may be necessary to resort to inpatient rehab. In this case you check into a Connecticut detox center and remain there until you are cured. The actual treatment is similar to outpatient rehab but is generally more intensive and lasts all day, everyday.

There are also a variety of different treatment philosophies so you need to find one that you believe will work for you. Some clinics treat alcohol addiction as a medical problem and use a medical model. Other programs use religion as a treatment, while others focus on counselling. The key to success is to find one that you are comfortable with, the right program is the one that works for you.

However you choose to treat your alcohol addiction the most important thing is to admit you have a problem and decide that you want to deal with it. There are many ways to fight alcohol addiction but none of them will work unless you decide that you want to quit drinking.

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Detailed Description of Your Invention

The detailed description of your invention is far and away the most important part of your invention disclosure. Not only will it help you to think of different embodiments of your invention and maybe find gaps in your design, it will ensure your patent application is prepared properly. No patent agent/attorney in the world can guess correctly every particular of your invention. Only you, the inventor can prepare a proper description of your invention, but the agency could definitely help for your new invention idea.

In preparing a detailed description start with drawings. This will give you a basis to think about all the elements that are part of your invention. After the drawings, describe in words each element of your invention and what its function is, what it is made of (e.g. steel, iron, plastic, glass, silicon) and how it’s made (e.g. injection molding, combustion molding, by methods commonly known by those of ordinary skill in the art).

Also, if applicable, describe how each element relates to the other elements and to the function of the entire invention.

Next, think of alternative embodiments of your invention. To do this, think of each element, and then answer “what other thing could accomplish this same task?”. For example, if your invention is a single wooden rod to be used with a paint roller, an alternative embodiment would be that the rod is made of 2 pieces, fiberglass, and the two pieces are telescopically connected.

This is a very important step in you description. You will find that providing these alternative embodiments will ensure your patent attorney or the patenting agency, such as InventHelp, prepares your application fully and completely the first time, and thus ensures an expedited filing date.

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Are Guinea Pigs Good Pets? Let’s Find Out!

Guinea pigs are small furry animals that are very popular as pets with kids of all ages. They are gentle, friendly and fun to play and interact with. If you are planning to keep guinea pigs as pets, you should know all the facts about these cute little animals so you can take care of them better and form a lasting bond. If you have been toying with the idea of getting guinea pig pets, maybe you have already done your due diligence and asked ‘Are guinea pigs good pets?’

Caring for Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are gentle animals, and when you bring them home they may be quite shy or nervous at first. They may shy away from you, seek refuge in sheltered spaces and generally avoid interaction. However, if you handle them carefully and stroke them gently, over time you will see them becoming friendlier and more and more approachable. If handled with care, guinea pigs become tame very quickly, and make charming company for those long, idle afternoons!

So, are guinea pigs good pets? It’s hard to see why they wouldn’t be. They are exceptionally friendly with humans they know and trust, and they rarely bite, even when threatened or stressed. That being said, it’s always a good idea to supervise kids handling guinea pigs, especially soon after bringing the animals home for the first time.

Diet and Sources of Vitamin C

An interesting fact about guinea pigs as pets is that it’s one of the few pet species that cannot produce their own vitamin C. That means their diet has to have adequate amounts of vitamin C if you want to have a healthy pig with a strong immune system. For guinea pigs, a good quality diet is composed of many different types of greens and fresh foods that are naturally rich in vitamin C. They love fresh fruits and vegetables, such as apples for example, but you should be cautious. First do a research are apples safe for guinea pigs. Many pet owners also rely on artificial sources of vitamin C, such as tablets or supplements. For most types of guinea pigs, tablets are a more effective way of administering the supplement, as opposed to adding vitamin to the pets’ water.

Where to Buy Guinea Pigs

Caring for guinea pigs can be a warm and fulfilling experience. The animals are gentle and friendly, and if raised with love and care, can live long and happy lives. If you are thinking about getting guinea pigs as pets, check with rescue centers before looking for places where to buy guinea pigs. You can get in touch with local rescue centers or shelters to find out whether they have any guinea pigs that are up for adoption. Many families give up their pet guinea pigs for a multitude of reasons, and it should not be hard to find one that is in need of a permanent home. You can buy a guinea pig from most pet stores, if your local rescue center does not have any for adoption.

So, are guinea pigs good pets? Yes, as long as you make sure they are provided for, given love and affection, and taken care of properly.

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Spider Control

Getting rid of spiders are essential at homes and business enterprises due to important reasons such as cleanliness and in some cases safety. These pests are a common problem worldwide as they play on people’s fears and cause an eyesore with cobwebs being present on the inner walls of your property.

Some of the most common spiders in Australia are cobweb spiders, orb weaver spiders, cellar spiders, funnel web spiders, jumping spiders, nursery web spiders and crab spiders. Most of these spiders are harmless, although their presence itself is not desirable due to most people’s fear of spiders. However, there are a number if spiders which are deemed harmful due to their toxic venom and painful bites. These spiders are as follows:

  • Sydney Funnel-web spider
  • Red-back
  • Mouse spider
  • White tailed spider
  • Black house spider
  • Wold spider
  • Brown trapdoor spider
  • Huntsman

Importance of Spider removal

Spider webs are an unsightly appearance on any property communicating an image of neglect and pest infestation. Also, spiders are the most feared type of pests, regardless of their potential threat to humans. Spiders such as the Sydney Funnel Web are known to be some of the most poisonous species in the world, making it very important that you treat any potential spider infestation seriously, without neglect.

If the infestation is not large the following can be done to rid your property of spiders:

  • Vacuum frequently and remove cobwebs
  • Fill in wall gaps and cracks
  • Remove clutter that would accommodate spiders
  • Improve lighting in order to make the property less attractive for spiders

The above methods are suitable for simple spider infestations. However, in the event you suspect the problem to be much larger, it is always advisable to call for the services of a professional pest control service such as Radar Pest Control.

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Free WordPress Theme Vs Premium WordPress Theme

When offered a choice to choose between Free WordPress Theme or Premium WordPress theme, most of us go with the free ones because it is always a safe choice. You aren’t spending any money and hence there are no risks, right? Wrong!

If you want to be just another website that doesn’t need traffic, then you should probably go with the free themes. If you, however, wish to make it big in the online world and want to start earning from your website – you should always choose a premium theme. It is an investment and as the saying goes, “You need to spend money to make money“.

As a newbie, it is always obviously that, choosing a best WordPress theme is something out of his skin effort. So most of them start with a Free WordPress Theme which is not a bad start and even I have done the same. Free WordPress theme is always an easy choice to make and there are some amazing Free WordPress themes. The problem with them will be the future updates, coding, and support.

Let’s have a detailed comparison between Free Vs Premium WordPress themes so that you can decide how good is a Free WordPress theme will be.

There are some hundreds of Free WordPress Theme and Premium WordPress theme clubs available in the WordPress market.

Before proceeding further, let me clear that Free Themes are not a bad choice at all. But many of them or not having future theme updates from its developer and support needed at crunch times. I have personally used as many as 50 plus Free WordPress themes and in my practical experience, I found there are many problems within the code and few of them are malicious.

So instead of taking a heavy toll in future, especially if you are in some serious niche like real estate, it is better to invest few bucks in quality Premium WordPress themes. Since there are a lot of premium themes and plugins for real estate to choose from you need to do a research on those tools to find which fits you the best as you can read from this The 7 Best Real Estate Tools for Top Producing Agents in 2021 review.

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Teaching Assistant Course via Distance Learning

A Teacher Assistant, as the name suggests provides assistance in all primary and secondary schools. They also provide valuable assistance in special schools. Their obligations vary from setting up displays in the school, preparing items for classes, admin duties, to working with individual children.

The main responsibility of a Teaching Assistant is to help the students, teachers, and the school. The TA, abbreviation for Teaching Assistant, aids the teachers and the students in improving the educational condition in the classroom. TA monitors the class on behalf of the teacher who might be carrying out training or ill. It comes within the ambit of responsibilities given to a TA. Every class requires a professional teacher however, an HLTA (Higher Level Teaching Assistant) can be asked to guide the class once a while. It can be taken as a part of their job.

There is an array of Teaching Assistant jobs available, each comprising of various responsibilities and job description. The main objective is to make you aware of what is expected of you when you become a TA. You will also get an overview of how inspiring and energizing this profession can be.

By enrolling for Online Teaching Assistant Courses through distance learning, you will definitely augment your job prospects. It caters you with an advantage in your CV that may pave the way for a bright future as a Teaching Assistant. A diploma covers the different units of study that relates to the main elements pertinent to the role of the Teaching Assistant. The Teaching Assistant diploma comprises of both optional and mandatory units.

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When to start financial planning?

Most people realize later in life that they need a good financial advice early on in life. With the information technology, get ahead early by learning your finances today.

Some young professional people with a sizeable income are scared about financial planning. Some would say it is just for the middle-aged people approaching retirement or for couples looking for an educational plan for their kids. But financial planning is even more essential today with the recent economic crisis for young and old alike.

Some are just intimidated in starting out with their financial plans, that they might not get the right financial planning in the first place. The best thing to start with anything is to study it first. The same with financial planning, learning financial literacy and determining what you truly need should equip you well to starting a financial plan.

One of the best ways to start financial planning is only with a certified professional. Your best bet is a Certified Financial Planner In Charlotte. Ask your friends, family, or colleagues for some leads to a reputable advisor. By starting out with your personal network, you get personal referrals from satisfied customers and also learn some financial tips from their experience.

Financial planners can come from different educational and professional backgrounds. By taking your time in figuring out what you truly need, you can narrow down your search with those planners from the area of your interest. Ask about your prospective financial planner?s background. If they have a credential, that would be much better.

Technically, a financial planner specializes in the planning aspects of finance. In this case, we are much more interested in personal finance. Financial planning generally involves considering the client’s current situation from all angles to create an integrated plan of actions with corresponding solutions. Financial planners are more result-oriented as they take into account the entire financial picture of the client and concentrate on providing a comprehensive solution.

Financial planning is a rapidly growing industry especially with the demand for more knowledge and financial literacy. With varied services that abound like insurance planning, risk management, and retirement planning, one can take advantage more of these services as of the present than in the past.

They became more accessible and more affordable for the general public now. As a caveat, just get the most objective one by doing your homework regardless of your knowledge, age, or wealth.

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The History of Neon Signs

The history of neon signs extends back nearly four hundred years ago, when astronomer Jeaan Picard noticed that the mercury in his barometer was giving off a faint light. Curious, Picard shook the tube which caused the light to grow stronger. Static electricity was the cause of the glow, however, this was not understood at the time.

The very first, most rudimentary of neon signs was called the Geissler tube. Invented and named after Heinrich Geissler, the Geissler tube was filled with gases and electric powder. Once electricity was shot through the tube, it would glow brightly. This was not brought into the public eye until the early 1900’s when such lamps became more common place, and somewhat available to the general population.

The first modern use of neon signs did not occur until the gas neon was founded in 1898 by M.W. Travers and William Ramsey. The gas neon is extremely rare, and can only be used when air is liquifactioned. French chemist Georges Claude was the first to insert the newly found gas into a hollow lamp like tube, and send an electric charge through it. He presented the first neon lamp in Paris, December of 1910.

Although this is the modernly accepted story, many believe that the Neon sign was presented at the world fair in 1893. Others say that in 1904, Perley Nutting presented a neon sign displaying the word neon. However, both of these claims have been disputed for years over lack of evidence.

Claude patented the neon sign, and created an entire company based on it called Claude Neon. He introduced these signs to companies in the United States, and they were an instant hit. The first two signs sold in the United States were to a large car dealership in Los Angelas called Packard Cars. Earl Anthony, the manager of the dealership, paid out almost $50,000 for two signs reading “Packard”.

People all over the world were amazed as a sign phenomenon began to take place. People called the signs “liquid fire”. In the 1930’s, neon lamps were commonly being used in France and other countries for general illumination and streetlights. However, this was neither inexpensive or cost efficient.

As technology has improved, scientists have found that if coated in triphosphor and used at small diameters, neon lamps are surprisingly energy efficient.

At the end of the 20th century, modern neon bar signs and other neon signs can be seen almost anywhere. They are used in homes, businesses, and even commercial settings. They are safer and cheaper to use than they ever have been.

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