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Detailed Description of Your Invention

The detailed description of your invention is far and away the most important part of your invention disclosure. Not only will it help you to think of different embodiments of your invention and maybe find gaps in your design, it will ensure your patent application is prepared properly. No patent agent/attorney in the world can guess correctly every particular of your invention. Only you, the inventor can prepare a proper description of your invention, but the agency could definitely help for your new invention idea.

In preparing a detailed description start with drawings. This will give you a basis to think about all the elements that are part of your invention. After the drawings, describe in words each element of your invention and what its function is, what it is made of (e.g. steel, iron, plastic, glass, silicon) and how it’s made (e.g. injection molding, combustion molding, by methods commonly known by those of ordinary skill in the art).

Detailed Description of Your Invention - What Are The Odds

Also, if applicable, describe how each element relates to the other elements and to the function of the entire invention.

Next, think of alternative embodiments of your invention. To do this, think of each element, and then answer “what other thing could accomplish this same task?”. For example, if your invention is a single wooden rod to be used with a paint roller, an alternative embodiment would be that the rod is made of 2 pieces, fiberglass, and the two pieces are telescopically connected.

This is a very important step in you description. You will find that providing these alternative embodiments will ensure your patent attorney or the patenting agency, such as InventHelp, prepares your application fully and completely the first time, and thus ensures an expedited filing date.

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