Employee Personality Testing - What Are The Odds

Employee Personality Testing

Employers want to make sure that applicants they are hiring are assets instead of problems. That is one of the major reasons why they conduct employee personality testing for all applicants.

The hiring process could be tedious for both employers and applicants. Employers would have to conduct personality testing to many potential applicants and along with that comes the cost of hiring experts to evaluate the results of the test. Applicants get jittery and nervous during the test somehow affecting their answers to the questions. They worry over the results and they worry if they would make it or not.

The employee personality testing can differ in substance and usage. A few of the major concerns in personality testing involve capability tests and important tests intended to draw out character traits. A few of these tests are precisely intended to separate the unfit and unqualified applicants from the hiring process.

Employee Personality Testing - What Are The Odds

In the same way, the test could be intended to find out if applicants are truthful in their answers or just faking their answers to be hired. Some other tests are used for comparison purposes of applicants who did well in most tests. This kind of test is also a way to find out if applicants can work well with others in any given work situation. This is an important factor to know since teamwork and camaraderie are key points to make any company succeed in its goal.

It can be construed that the employee personality test is somehow an objective way of assessing an applicant’s qualifications for the job. Personal interviews could somehow become subjective because the employer can form feelings of empathy towards a particular applicant. Sometimes gut feeling can take over while personal interviews are done, and this way is still a practice for some employers. Thus, the employee personality test comes in handy in this situation because the results of the test are precise and are accordingly based on the scientific interpretation of psychologist experts.

The employee personality test, such as the popular Ocean personality test, if done properly can be a very effective gauge in the hiring process. Employers are in the know about the applicants who can perform well and who would be the bests fits in their company. In many cases, the results of the employee personality tests are given more weight then the other requirements since the character is the main focus here. Employers think that character is an important factor in getting the person for the job. It is a desirable trait because it is the foundation of how a person thinks, decides and takes action for the responsibility at hand. In that way, problems are avoided at work and that would make employers happy.

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