Week 11 Waiver Wire Adds

Is your house on fire, Clark?

No, Aunt Bethany, those are the Christmas lights.

WATO moves you should make….

By: Matt Higgins

Tis the season All stars.  The Wife wants you to put up the Christmas tree and break your neck hanging Christmas lights, The kids want to financially break Dad by circling everything in the Black Friday shopper, and all Dad wants to do is limp into the fantasy playoffs and strip his coworkers, family, and friends of their pride.  Have no fear Dads,  WATO nation is here for both you and our female fans!

            Since the season is 70% over we are going to assume that you only have 30$ left in your fantasy budget and we will tell you how much of that budget to spend.

Rashaad Penny 15$ of your 30$ remaining

When Chris Carson got his chance with this offense he was a stud, when Mike Davis got his chance in this offense he was a stud, and last week Rashaad Penny got his chance and he too was a stud.  Half way through the season Seattle assumed the identity as one of the best run games in football.  Rashaad Penny was a first round pick.  I got to think he is the guy that they want to be a star.  It’s my guess that he will assume the lead of this committee from here on out. 

Josh Reynolds 12$ of your 30$ remaining

It’s going to take a leap of faith to go all in on Josh Reynolds with us.  If you were a Cooper Kupp owner it may not take as much.  Kupp has been a star and when Kupp was out Reynolds took that roll in its entirety and he was a star too.  If you lost kupp this may be the best chance you get to replace his production

Doug Martin 9$ of your 30$ remaining

Does he play on a great team?  Absolutely not.  Do the Raiders play ahead and commit to the run?  Absolutely not.  Is he a sexy pickup?  Too short and absolutely not.  However, this is a guy you can start.  Alex Collins, Frank Gore, Lamar Miller, Adrian Petersons, Marc Ingram are all people with similar upside, touches, and opportunity.  He has Arizona, Kansas City, Cincinnati, and Denver still on the schedule.  If you need running back he’s a descent pickup. 

Tyrell Williams 3$ of your 30$ budget

He plays almost every play in this offense, he’s the Chargers number 2 pass option, and is getting consistent targets.  I would feel better starting Tyrell Williams in the flex over other potential pickups like Zay Jones with Josh Allen, Donte Moncrief and every other Jags WR’s, or any wide receiver in Jets uniform.  

Streaming Defenses:

Cardinals, Colts, Giants