Cincinnati Bengals Preview by Matt Higgins

At 10:51 AM I set an alarm for 11:15 just in case I fell asleep writing about the Cincinnati Bengals Offense.  Vegas has them as 100:1 to win the Super Bowl, and with interest rates rising, and a looming trade war it almost makes me want to mortgage my house and make that easy 1%.  The team returns in 2018 relatively unchanged.  I would have enjoyed seeing the Marvin Lewis fist bump when he found out they were going to bring him back for another two seasons.  The average bank robbery nets $1,859.  Marvin Lewis just got 6.5 MILLION dollars for the next two years of his precious time.  This is a heist worthy of getting Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and Matt Damon back to together to shoot another movie.  They drafted for defense and with no more Adam Jones I have little reason to watch Bengals Football.  The offense is mostly unchanged besides drafting Billy Price at Center out of Ohio State in the first round and trading for Cody Glenn to play Left tackle.  This should give the world’s third most famous redhead, the red rifle (Carrot top, Prince Harry, Andy Dalton in the order) a chance to improve over his lackluster campaign a year ago.



It’s hard to see Andy Dalton finishing as a top 12 QB.  His 3300 yards was a career worst last year, a year in which he spent much of it on his back.  Hopefully for him the additions at center and tackle will help him get back to the 4000 yard range.  His limited weapons on offense will make it hard for Andy to reach his ceiling, and his ceiling is mediocrity. 



Bye Bye Jeremy Hill, you will not be missed.  Undoubtedly you will ruin some days for those brave enough to navigate the Patriots back fields, but you will no longer rain on the parade of Joe Mixon and Gio Bernard.  Joe Mixon looked pretty average playing behind a bad offensive line last year.  The fantasy world is considering him a potential bell cow RB this season.  He did prove last season that he can be a trusted blocker in third down situations.   Fantasy Pros has him with an ADP of #27 and the #16RB overall.  This feels reasonable when you consider that he could be a 3-down back behind an improved offensive line.  Best guess is that he will have to share the load with Gio Bernard who feels like a value at RB#53.  He has always produced when given the opportunity, and has stand alone value for those who don’t own Joe Mixon.





If I don’t come across as high on the Bengals offense it is no fault to AJ Greens.  He is one of the few WR’s that is a lock for a 1000 yard campaign.  He stays on the field and is a weekly producer.  He is going with an ADP of #18 after wide receivers like the often injured Keenan Allen and the questionable hands of Davante Adams.  I write this on the fourth of July and it’s time for America to wake up.  AJ Green is a superior player to both these guys and he faces far less competition for targets.  AJ green at the back end of the 2nd round is a steal that even Marvin Lewis would approve of.

Brandon LaFell will play opposite of AJ and is going as WR #115 on a list that only goes to 123.    John Ross is the guy from Cincy to draft if you want to take a shot on a Bengals WR.  The Bengals took him as a top 10 overall pick last year so of course Marvin Lewis doesn’t use him and it becomes a lost season.  He has battled back from injury and hopes to be an impact player for the Bengals and potential late draft flyer for your fantasy football team



The Bengals fan page is literally filled with excitement about Tyler Eifert finally being healthy, However, Marvin Lewis has already said it’s looking like he may not be available at the start of training camp and there’s a chance he will not be ready to play when camp begins.  You should not be drafting this guy as your fantasy starter.  He has given you little and cannot stay on the field.   The other Tyler, Tyler Kroft may be a guy to own when we get the news that Eifert will not play football.  It’s not that Kroft is special, but it’s that there is a real lack of options in the passing game



The Bengals will need this offensive line to be better this year.  They need the 4000 yard version of Andy Dalton and not the 3000 yard version.  They need AJ to stay of the field and John Ross to play up to his draft value.  AJ green, Joe Mixon, and Gio Bernards all possess value at their current ADP


Bold North Prediction

6 wins

John Ross is 2nd in team in yards

Marvin Lewis finally gets fired