Now is the time we break out a few of our BUST picks! However, we need to cover just what we are classifying as a bust. The main goal of the draft is to get as much value packed into your roster as you can. Because of this, we will let the BUST classification apply to guys with high average draft position, who won’t return the value had you taken someone else in that same spot.  So, lets get it going, here are a few BUST picks for you!

Damien Williams, RB KC

Some of you read the name and have already jumped ship but hear me out! In our bold prediction article, I mentioned how Williams never had to compete for the job as there just wasn’t anyone left. I also believe that rookie Darwin Thompson will be the best pass catching back on the team. If Williams gets banged up in any way or just simply isn’t performing, it will open the door for Thompson or Hyde to showcase how they could be a better fit for the offense. Do I think Damien Williams will put up points if he can hang onto the job? Of course, but there’s more VALUE to be had if you go another direction.  Williams wasn’t anything special when he was in Miami but came on strong for KC after Hunt was let go.  You know who else finished the year on fire? Derrick Henry, and his current ADP sits two rounds after Williams’. Williams is currently being drafted at the beginning of the second round, going ahead of guys like Nick Chubb, Devonta Freeman, Dalvin Cook, and Marlon Mack.  I would much rather take my chances getting a stud WR and picking up any of those mentioned backs after and feel way better about my lineup. For me there is too much risk with Williams and I’d much rather let someone else take that headache on.

Sony Michel, RB NE

Now our host of the show will not agree with this take because he is high on Michel this year. I believe in the talent, but I don’t believe in the health. I think the Patriots also have some questions as to the status of Michel’s health moving forward. They went out and did what the Patriots never do, and that is move up to take RB Damien Harris in the 3rd round.  Harris is a talented back who out produced fellow Alabama back, Josh Jacobs who was taken in the first round by the Raiders.  Add in James White still being around along with Rex Burkhead and you have another Patriot backfield mess. I also dislike the hell out of his current ADP.  Damien Harris sits with an ADP in the 12th round, while Michel is going before James White in the 4th.  The value to be had here is very little and I would much rather take RBs going after Michel like David Montgomery, Mark Ingram, or James White and scoop up Harris in the 12th round! Minimize the risk and add that value!

Mike Williams, WR LAC

If you were listening to some of our first shows last season, you would have heard us all talk up Mike Williams.  We said back then that someone had to pick up the slack for Hunter Henry being out regarding red zone targets. We called it back then that we felt Williams was going to be the guy to do it, and he did catching 10 touchdowns. Well It’s a new season and Henry is healthy and wants his red zone targets back! Williams wasn’t a target and yardage monster last year and needed the touchdowns to help him finish where he did. I don’t see him having a repeat season and would much rather take someone else in the 5th round with higher upside.  Robby Anderson, Will Fuller, Christian Kirk are all WRs going in the 6th, 7th, and 8th rounds! Give me one of those guys later and let me use that 5th round pick for some fantasy goodness!