Rookie Wide Receivers 2019


My kid was supposed to have a double header today, but the host team canceled because “they have a lot of players out of town”.  What is this ‘everyone gets a trophy’ excuse? It wasn’t raining, it wasn’t snowing (that’s a possibility in June for Minnesota)…..yet the head coach used players being “out of town” to cancel this match that was already rained out the first time it was scheduled That’s like walking into a fantasy draft and picking Davante Parker in any round! DO BETTER PREP WORK!

So where are you at in your prep for the new year? If you have been in the same boat as most busy fantasy parents, you probably have a lot of catching up to do. Never fear, WATO is hear!

I’m going to hit on the most popular WRs that are being drafted and give you some June thoughts for now. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we have all heard the narrative that rookie WRs won’t produce but I think there are a few gems to be had this year!!

So, what rookie WRs am I looking at? It’s a short list but these are some guys you should look at late. Why do I say late? Well I will be honest, even though these rookies are super talented, the move to the NFL can still be difficult for first year players. With that said, these guys could still produce for you THIS year if you are willing to take a flier!

Mecole Hardman, Chiefs, ADP 9th round

A second round pick for the Chiefs in 2019.  With the Tyreek Hill situation up in the air, it looks like Hardman would be the best suited to fill the Hill role. If this is the case, I expect his ADP to sky rocket if Hill is suspended. If Hardman still sits in the 9th round when you are drafting, I love the upside that could be there. However, I wouldn’t look for Hardman any earlier because it is no lock that he is the guy to replace Hill.

N’Keal Harry, Patriots, ADP 8th round

No Gronk, no Hogan??? All these targets ready to be distributed to whoever steps into a role for the Pats!!! Not great news coming out of OTA’s for Harry, but there is still plenty of time for him to pick up the offense.  The 8th round seems a little rich for me, but I would take him over Hardman if he fell the the 9th. Pats offense isn’t easy for any WR to pick up, but Harry has the upside and the talent to make it happen.

D.K. Metcalf, Seahawks, ADP 9th round

I’m the most excited for Metcalf as I feel he has the biggest opportunity to shine. Wilson raved about the rookie in OTA’s, calling him a special player. Doug Baldwin is gone and its clear the Seahawks need another go-to WR! The 9th round is a great spot for him, but I expect that to rise if he shines in camp.

A.J Brown, Titans, ADP 16th round

Is there a WR that can possibly take away the greatness of Corey Davis? I say that sarcastically, because anyone should be able to pull that off. I like Brown’s talent, but I feel he landed in a terrible spot to showcase his talent. I’m not drafting him this year and I would let someone else take on that hurry up and wait mentality.

Deebo Samuel, 49ers, ADP 14th Round

Deebo Samuel in the 14th? Love it! Jimmy is back for the Niners and this guy is moving into a great spot! Garcon is gone and Samuel will move into the slot. I love the upside and if you are able to take a flier on this guy in the 14th, then do it!!!

Marquise Brown, Ravens, ADP 13th Round

I like the talent of Brown, but I think he also landed in a terrible offense.  The Ravens will run the ball and it will be difficult for any of their WRs to be fantasy relevant. Let someone else take him!!!

Parris Campbell, Colts, ADP 12th Round

Who doesn’t want a piece of the Colts offense with Luck at the helm? Campbell is a stud, and I don’t think the Colts did enough to improve their defense to stay in games. What does that mean? Well there will be plenty of points to be had!!!!! The 12th round is solid to take a shot on Campbell, so feel free!!!

Andy Isabella, Cardinals, ADP 14th Round

News came out this week that Isabella will be the WR3 on the team! This is great news for the rookie and with an ADP in the 14th round, there is some upside to be had! Still I would temper expectations as there hasn’t been a WR for the Cards that has produced in sometime other than Fitz. We love the upside with Kirk this season, but he wasn’t a relevant rookie last season so take note of that and don’t reach for Isabella!