“God bless fantasy football. There are many things a man can do with his time… this is better than those things.” – Pete
From ‘The League’

Our week 3 show came out on Thursday, and here I sit on Friday with some already big news to talk about. I know you are shocked to hear this, but yes, it is about Antonio Brown. As you all know by now, he has been released by the Patriots.  It would be surprising to me if anyone takes a shot on him the rest of the year, but then again Tyreek Hill is still playing football. If I owned Antonio Brown in any leagues (thankfully I don’t) I would be giving him away for a stick of gum if it was offered. This move gives Gordon, Edelman, Dorsett, and James White the bump back to where they were when the season started. I view Gordon and Edelman as high end WR2 plays the rest of the season.  Dorsett is still a matchup dependent WR3/4 for me, but he will have some big games. White gets a little bump up as he will get a few more targets that may have went to Brown.  So now that we are up to speed with the Patriots, lets look at the rest of the matchups we talked about in our week 3 podcast. Didn’t get to listen? No worries, we got you covered!

Here is a quick summary of the show and some of the guys we like to “beat the odds” this week! We will also hit on some studs that we think won’t live up to their ranking, who we are picking to go “against the odds”.  I do want to warn you that Garret did pick a kicker in one, but we won’t hold that against him. We will look back at these picks in week 4 so we can make fun of each other for our bad takes….but let’s be honest they are all probably great picks because it’s coming from WATO!

Matt’s Picks

Eagles vs Lions

“Against the odds” pick: Kerryon Johnson, RB19

“Beat the odds” pick: Marvin Jones WR39

Raiders vs Vikings

“Against the odds” pick: Dalvin Cook RB3

“Beat the odds” pick: Josh Jacobs RB23

Panthers vs Cardinals

“Against the odds” pick: Christian McCaffrey RB2

“Beat the odds” pick: David Johnson RB7

Bears vs Redskins

“Against the odds” pick: Adrian Peterson RB36

“Beat the odds” Pick: Terry McLaurin WR41

Garret’s Picks

Dolphins vs Cowboys

“Against the odds” pick: Brett yes Garret picked a kicker Maher K3

“Beat the odds” pick: Kenyan Drake RB38

Jets vs Patriots

“Against the odds” pick: James White RB32

“Beat the odds” pick: Josh Gordon WR29

Ravens vs Chiefs

“Against the odds” pick: Sammy Watkins WR9

“Beat the odds” pick: Justice Hill RB52

Steelers vs 49ers

“Against the odds” pick: Jimmy Garoppolo

“Beat the odds” pick: Mason Rudolph

Nick’s Picks

Bengals vs Bills

“Against the odds” pick: John Ross WR38

“Beat the odds” pick: Josh Allen QB8

Falcons vs Colts

“Against the odds” pick: Marlon Mack RB12

“Beat the odds” pick: Jacoby Brissett QB19

Broncos vs Packers

“Against the odds” pick: Aaron Jones RB10

“Beat the odds” pick: MVS

Saints vs Seahawks

“Against the odds” pick: Michael Thomas WR8

“Beat the odds” pick: DK Metcalf WR36

Rams vs Browns

“Against the odds” pick: Jared Goff QB13

“Beat the odds” pick: Jarvis Landry WR41


Other notable not so obvious plays we all like this week: Frank Gore, Devin Smith, Greg Olson, Nelson Agholor, Darwin Thompson, Carlos Hyde, Justice Hill, James Washington. Good luck in week 3! Come check us out next week and look for our waiver article to come out Tuesday.