Fixed Denture Implants - What Are The Odds

Fixed Denture Implants

Fixed denture implants can help improve both your oral health and your confidence, and represent an infinitely more durable and attractive alternative to removable dentures. Denture implants can give you the confidence to smile again, not to mention eating, talking in public, laughing – the list is endless!

Fixed Denture Implants - What Are The Odds

Fixed dentures are capable of acting as like-for-like replacements for your natural teeth – first your dentist will replace the tooth’s root with the dental implant itself, then your clinical dental technician will craft a tooth which fits perfectly on to the implant. They can be made to replace anything from a single tooth to an entire set of teeth, and have a number of benefits including:

  • reinstatement of your mouth’s core strength, ensuring the overall health of your mouth and gums;
  • supporting sagging cheeks and facial muscles, and preventing deterioration of said muscles;
  • increased stability in comparison with removable dentures, and the look and feel of natural teeth;
  • less discomfort and less opportunity for irritation and infection, when compared to removable dentures;
  • the ability to eat and drink, speak in public and laugh without worrying about the appearance of your dentures or missing teeth;

If you are looking for denture implants in Port Orange, SweetDentures specializes in creating hand-crafted dentures that act as flawless replacements for your natural teeth.

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