Free WordPress Theme Vs Premium WordPress Theme - What Are The Odds

Free WordPress Theme Vs Premium WordPress Theme

When offered a choice to choose between Free WordPress Theme or Premium WordPress theme, most of us go with the free ones because it is always a safe choice. You aren’t spending any money and hence there are no risks, right? Wrong!

If you want to be just another website that doesn’t need traffic, then you should probably go with the free themes. If you, however, wish to make it big in the online world and want to start earning from your website – you should always choose a premium theme. It is an investment and as the saying goes, “You need to spend money to make money“.

Free WordPress Theme Vs Premium WordPress Theme - What Are The Odds

As a newbie, it is always obviously that, choosing a best WordPress theme is something out of his skin effort. So most of them start with a Free WordPress Theme which is not a bad start and even I have done the same. Free WordPress theme is always an easy choice to make and there are some amazing Free WordPress themes. The problem with them will be the future updates, coding, and support.

Let’s have a detailed comparison between Free Vs Premium WordPress themes so that you can decide how good is a Free WordPress theme will be.

There are some hundreds of Free WordPress Theme and Premium WordPress theme clubs available in the WordPress market.

Before proceeding further, let me clear that Free Themes are not a bad choice at all. But many of them or not having future theme updates from its developer and support needed at crunch times. I have personally used as many as 50 plus Free WordPress themes and in my practical experience, I found there are many problems within the code and few of them are malicious.

So instead of taking a heavy toll in future, especially if you are in some serious niche like real estate, it is better to invest few bucks in quality Premium WordPress themes. Since there are a lot of premium themes and plugins for real estate to choose from you need to do a research on those tools to find which fits you the best as you can read from this The 7 Best Real Estate Tools for Top Producing Agents in 2021 review.

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