How To Choose The Right Yoga Cushion? - What Are The Odds

How To Choose The Right Yoga Cushion?

The yoga cushion is an essential tool for any serious yogi. The best yoga cushions are comfortable, durable and offer the proper support for your body during meditation or asana practice.

The first thing to consider when choosing a yoga cushion is what type of cushion you want to use. There are many different styles of yoga cushions on the market, including special contoured designs that can offer more support than flat cushions.

If you’re looking for a simple foam cushion, you can usually find one at any sporting goods store or online retailer. If you’re looking for something more specialized, such as a bolster or wedge, it may be more difficult to find what you need.

You’ll also want to consider how big your cushion needs to be before making a purchase. A smaller one might not give enough support for some people’s backs or knees while sitting on the ground during meditation or asana practice. A larger one might be too cumbersome and heavy when traveling with it in a suitcase or backpack.

How To Choose The Right Yoga Cushion? - What Are The Odds

If you are looking for a specialized yoga cushion, such as one that supports your back or knees, you’ll want to find something that is designed specifically for this purpose. These yoga cushions tend to be more expensive than simple foam options but may be worth the investment if you use them frequently.

If you’re looking for a yoga cushion that will last for a long time, try to find one made from natural materials such as wool or cotton. Synthetic materials like polyester tend to wear out quickly and may not provide adequate support for your body.

The type of material can also be important. If you’re looking for a yoga cushion that’s easy to clean, one made out of microfiber might be a good option. A foam or rubberized yoga cushion can help provide some extra padding and support, but it might not be the best choice if you’re concerned about hygiene.

Where To Find The Best Yoga Cushions?

There are some really good online yoga shops in Switzerland, such as Yoga Tree. They have a wide range of yoga products, including different types of yoga mats and coussins de yoga. You can also check their website to see if they offer free shipping. Another option is to go to your local sporting goods store and ask if they carry yoga gear.


If you’re looking for a yoga cushion that will provide comfort and support, make sure to consider all of the factors above. A good yoga cushion should be soft enough to provide padding for your body without causing any discomfort or pain. It should also be durable enough to last for many years without wearing out or ripping.

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