Starting Your Tutoring Business - What Are The Odds

Starting Your Tutoring Business

The first step in starting your tutoring business is to evaluate your assets and your liabilities. I’m not talking about your monetary assets and liabilities – evaluate your personal abilities and experience or lack thereof.

Take a sheet of paper and write at the top “My goal is to start a tutoring business by ____” and fill in the blank with a date that you are comfortable with. However, don’t make it more than 60 days from today. Really, 30 days is plenty of time to get your tutoring business up and making money for you.

Under that heading write “I am most qualified to tutor ______ students in _______”. In the first blank describe the students as “grade school”, “high school”, or “college” and fill in the second blank with the subject you are most qualified in to tutor these students. If you don’t have at least a four-year college degree, most parents will believe you are not qualified to tutor, so simply write “I am not qualified to tutor” under the heading.

Just by taking these simple actions, you are far ahead of most people who start a tutoring business because now you have a definite direction to move forward.

Starting Your Tutoring Business - What Are The Odds

What to Do If You Are Qualified to Tutor

If you are qualified to tutor, focus your first efforts on marketing your own skills as a tutor.

If you are qualified to tutor a specific subject, then selling that is where you should focus all your efforts for the next 30 days. By filling the blanks above, you know the specific service you are going to sell and the specific market that might buy it. Your aim is to advertise your service to that market and begin making money quickly.

Make up your mind that at the end of 30 days, you will be making money every week from your tutor side hustle . It may only be a couple hundred dollars a week at first, but you can easily build it into much more within a year by hiring other people to do the tutoring.

What to Do If You Are Not Qualified to Tutor

If you are not qualified to tutor, focus your first efforts on finding and hiring people who are qualified to tutor. Then turn your focus to advertising their tutoring skills.

If you wrote “I am not qualified to tutor”, that’s OK because you don’t have to be a tutor to own a tutoring center. You may even be in a better position to make big money faster than someone who is qualified to tutor because the big money comes only after you hire others to do the tutoring while you collect the fees.

Determine that within 10 days, you will have at least two qualified tutors working for you. In the 20 days after that, focus all your efforts on getting customers by advertising your tutoring business. That means that, within 30 days, your tutoring business will make you money every week.

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