What Do You Mean By "an Apostille"? - What Are The Odds

What Do You Mean By “an Apostille”?

This is the term used when talking about authorizing a document that is to be taken in to other countries. The government of each country requires that international public documents be authenticated. Each paper must have a seal affixed to prove that the document is legitimate. This seal is called an Apostille.

This sounds like a Notary seal. Is it a Notary?

No, but the concept is similar. A Notary and An Apostille both show that the document in question is official and authentic. However, a notary is for domestic use and an Apostille is for international use.

What kind of documents are we talking about?

In Texas, any document that is considered part of the public can qualify. This covers papers such as birth and death certificates, marriage licenses, educational documents and other public papers.

What Do You Mean By "an Apostille"? - What Are The Odds

What I have to do to get my documents in El Paso, Texas ready?

Each state has the process spelled out on their webpage. The process in some states is a bit more convoluted than in others. Remember that when dealing with the government, there can be many subtle or hidden issues that arise.

These issues can be simple and complex depending on where you start. There is always a lot of bureaucracy that wade through. Often a paper must be passed between different offices to find out who has the right authority to prove your document authentic. With the addition of more red tape, this process can last much longer.

This doesn’t sound easy, does it?

It can be smooth but it isn’t always so. That is why many people use a El Paso Apostille service to help with their Apostille needs. These services help to cut down the red tape and the governmental issues that pop up. It will also help cut down on time needed to do all these tasks.

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