Why Patent Your Kid's Invention Idea - What Are The Odds

Why Patent Your Kid’s Invention Idea

Don’t call the patent idea lawyer too soon? Take time to figure out if you should proceed with the patent and your best patent options. Let’s say that your kids did invent a unique widget. You have completed a patent search (as previously described) or had a professional patent searcher do it for you. You believe that the idea is patentable. Should you contact a patent idea lawyer or a patent agency? Still not quite yet…. You need to do some thinking about whether it is worth the time and money to patent the idea. I believe that the reasons to patent your kids’ invention ideas are very different from the reasons why adults patent their ideas.

If you scan the titles of invention books at your local bookstore, most titles focus on how to license your invention idea or how to turn your invention ideas into millions of dollars. In reality, less than 3% of patented inventions ever make it to market and less than that actually make any money. Yet, adults concentrate on the business end of inventing-to make money.

The reasons to think about patenting your kids’ inventions are all different. Of course, there is still the very small chance that they will turn their invention idea into the next widget fad and make millions. The the chances of that are less than slim. But…there are some really wonderful reasons why you should consider contacting a patent idea agency, such as InventHelp, or an lawyer.

Regardless of whether your child ever physically builds his or her invention or not, he or she will be recorded in the archives of American patents forever as an inventor. Give your child the opportunity to share a spot with Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Edison.

Why Patent Your Kid's Invention Idea - What Are The Odds

By patenting one of your kid’s invention ideas, you are confirming that your kids’ thoughts are valuable and worthy of recognition. You are affirming to the world that your kid has come up with a unique idea that will be recorded and recognized for its merit. This will in turn change the way your child thinks about himself or herself. He or she will more readily learn to believe in himself or herself and his or her ability to problem solve. This is priceless.

By leading your child through the invention and patenting process, you will expose your child to the worlds of science, business and to the work of a patent idea lawyer. If you help your child patent it himself or herself (assuming that your child is at an age to be able to do this), the educational value of this activity is priceless. Your child will begin to think of himself or herself as a real professional and this may open doors for your kids later on in life.

The idea of a child having a patent is still quite rare. Colleges will be impressed by a “kid inventor” and even more impressed by a kid who has written his or her own patent (as opposed to having a patent idea lawyer file it.)

Some (but not all) invention contests require at least a provisional patent to have been filed to enter the invention contest. Filing for at least a provisional patent will allow you child to participate in numerous contests and product searches that will give your child the opportunities to travel, to win prizes and to have loads of fun as explained on https://www.iedunote.com/just-starting-out-as-an-inventor-inventhelp-is-everything-you-need.

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